Before now Senator Dahiru who was elected Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to represent the good people of the Sokoto South constituency of Sokoto State, Nigeria, has immense influence and he is well respected among politicians in the country.  But now, he has become an orphan who has neither political parent that can offer him abode. It is a well known gist that he moved from ANPP to PDP and now he has

decided to pitch his tent with the APC. However, he has been left in the chilly weather because he believes that he still has an issue to grind with the House of Representative Speaker, Hon. Tambuwal that he shares name with. Many believe he secretly worked for PDP while professing a new love for APC. To make matters worse, the PDP is not seeing him as a loyal person and as such; they decided to dine with him with a long spoon. Sen. Dahiru is bent on stopping Speaker Tanbuwal despite effort to make him do a reverse with his decision.

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