Apostle Samson Friday- A Fisher of Men For God In UK

-Apostle Friday Samson works in the vineyard of God in a foreign land away from his birth home.  Within years of his decision to work full time for our known and recognized supernatural being, he has touched so many lives in Europe that his name has become so famous in and around the Whiteman’s enclave. Apostle Samson lives in the United Kingdom and his ministry is The Power of God Ministries, UK.

Many people who knew him before he decided to give his all to the service of his creator, were so surprised that, the man of God who was so visible on the social scene and had history of being on the fast lane could commit his whole life to the service of God. His life is truly a lesson to many around the world especially, his country of birth-Nigeria.
The Delta State indigene who hails from the South-South of Nigeria, got to the United Kingdom in the late 90’s and was living the life of a typical Nigerian in London when the Lord caught up with him in the year 2000. He founded his church in November 2012 and ever since, he has  made a lot of impact in the UK and back home in Nigeria
Since the beginning his ministry, many have come out to testify that he succeeded in moving them from wrong lane to the path of God. One thing Apostle Samson has been able to do to Nigerians especially in the UK is the fact that he makes them see reasons why they have to depart the wrong lane to the right path since he has in him a good example.  . “I was once a street boy before I gave my life to Christ; and let me tell you the honest truth being in the street will always bring consequences that you’ll later regret. You can’t escape it! But there comes a time when you decide to move on in life by living the right way, by moving away from certain kinds of friends and associating yourself with people who have goals and ambitions. It is good to remove yourself from negative settings and lean on Christ who will lead you to a right path. But you must be willing to leave your past behind and move forward by accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior or else you will never become stable in your life? He says.

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