OPC Factional Leader, Fasheun Gives South African Govt. 48hr To Stop Xenophobic Attacks Or Face Wrath

As the calls for an end to recent attacks by aggrieved South African youths continue, the Odua Peoples Congress, OPC has also joined the crusade against the lynching on citizens of other nations in the country. The OPC led by his factional founder, Dr. Federick Fasheun has given South African government 48 hours to stop the xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa or face its wrath.

During a press conference today in Lagos, annoyed Fasheun said, “While the Nigerian government and the rest of the world seek a diplomatic solution to this season of madness, the OPC hereby warns that South Africa must end this rash of xenophobia within 48 hours. These ill-advised attacks are capable of bringing out the beast in the best of men. And we will not watch as fellow Nigerians are wantonly killed in cold blood.

While displaying photographs of foreigners who were lynched in South Africa, Fasheun said the irony was that many of those being attacked had contributed to the economic growth of South Africa.

He lamented that it was unfortunate that South Africans were hostile to Nigerians despite the fact that Nigeria spent over $60bn to tackle apartheid and oppression in the country.

 “Enough is enough. South Africans must know that nobody has a monopoly of violence. They must halt the killings, the maiming and the looting of foreigners’ shops in their country. These incidents of xenophobia will provoke reprisals against South Africans and their interests in other lands. Thus, beginning with the belligerent Zulu King, all South Africans involved in these attacks should be arrested immediately and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.”

Punch report that when asked to specify what exactly the OPC would do if the South African government failed to heed to its demand, Fasheun said, “South Africa has many business interests in Nigeria but of course, you do not expect me to reveal what we will do until the time is right.”

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