New Way To Clean Information Facebook Has On You From Other Sites And Apps

There is no doubt that Facebook has enormous information about over 2 billion subscribers all over the world. It is slso a big platform where advertisrment thtives
Facebook is designed in a wsy that it can track people across the Internet, whether they have an account with the social networking site or not with the aid of its tools.
This Mark Zuberberg craetion which shares … has information about everything we do online and this allows it to build more accurate profiles of your interests and needs.
However, after facing worldwide criticism over privacy and data breach controversies, Facebook announced a privacy tool, called Off-Facebook Activity, which gives users more control of their data collected by Facebook.
With Off-Facebook, whatever hinformation Facebook holds on you based on other apps or on other, it can now be deleted if you want without Facebook holding that information
How to Use Off-Facebook Activity Tool?
However, it’s important to note that the feature doesn’t actually allow users to delete their browsing information from Facebook servers; instead, it simply lets users dissociate collected data from their Facebook account.
To access Off-Facebook Activity tool:
Go to ‘Settings & Privacy’ in your Facebook app,
Select ‘Off-Facebook Activity,’
On the next screen, you are provided with a list of all the websites and apps that had shared your data with Facebook.
You can choose specific apps to see how many interactions you had with them.
You can download activity details by clicking on the number of interactions and clicking Download Activity Details at the bottom of the popup.

If you’re very concerned about the data that Facebook holds on you, it’s worth clearing your history by clicking on the ‘Clear History.’

It should also be noted that after using the “clear history” option, you will be logged out of certain websites you have accessed using your Facebook account.

Besides this, clearing history doesn’t stop third-parties from future data-sharing, and there’s another option, called ‘Manage Future Activity,’ which also doesn’t restrict Facebook from receiving your activity data from the businesses in the future. It’s just, the new information won’t be associated with your account.

Still, it’s a remarkable step forward towards transparency and control, as Facebook rivals such as Google don’t offer anything comparable to the “Off-Facebook Activity” page.

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