At Last K1 Opens Up On Obesere

For some time now, there seem to be an unending frosty relationship between newly installed Mayegun Of Yorubaland K1 De Ultimate and King of Fuji music, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal and Asakasa crooner, Abass Akande Obesere who is popularly known as Omorapala.

Despite, K1 the elder artiste playing the role of a leader by not attacking or giving response to the younger artiste, Obesere takes delight in attacking K1’s person at any given opportunity.

Many concerned parties have wonder what could be the grouse of Obesere that he always attack the person of K1 without any one giving concrete reason.

It got so bad that Obesere has waxed many albums to disparage the person of K1. But K1 decided not to give any response so far.

It will however come as a surprise now to see K1 responding to the issue of Obesere. K1, whom.many thought will not respond decide to open up recently on the issue.

K1 said he doesn’t understand why people keep talking about Obesere as if he is the only one in the Fuji world. According him, ” I served and respected people before me and take them in high esteem because they are older than me. I never saw myself as being above them, so, if someone below me wants tondo otherwise, i have no ossues with that” Speaking further, he said he has a very good working relationships with several other musicians, so he wonder why Obesere’s issue should be on front burner.

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