Lover Exposes Dublin Based Married Nigerian Lady ….Shares Her Nude Pix On Social Media

It is generally believed that it is when you open your door to a lesser evil that greater ones invariably creep in after it. For a Nigerian married woman based in the Republic of Ireland, she has beckoned on greater evil, when she threw faithfulness to the trash bin and allowed herself to be turned to object of ridicule amongst other Nigerians in Ireland and other parts of the world

The lady who is at the moment crying her heart out over her God’s given treasure that has become public

property. The Yoruba lady who is simply known as Mrs Ola is full of regret now that what she thought she did in secret has become public knowledge to the world; to make matters worse Mrs. Ola is married to a man (Stephen) who lives in Nigeria.

Trouble started for her when she met another Nigerian Peter Ifedayo who lives in Cork. The relationship was said to be yummy at first not until Peter started making monetary demands from the pitiable lady. His demand was met at first but it got to a point the lady could not anymore and as such told him to turn his navigation elsewhere.
The pained Peter who is still an Assylum seeker in that part of the world now decided to teach her a bitter lesson by sharing her nude pictures on the internet.  The lady at the moment is seeking help to stop the madness of Peter who has the trademark of living off rich ladies.


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