Coronavirus: Hoarding Preventive Items Is Insensitive By Wole Arisekola.

The Lagos Government announced to the whole world of an Italian man who tested positive to Coronavirus yesterday in Lagos .The whole country has been in panicking mode ever since. And to be honest to ourselves, Magu may just be right. Coronavirus may be caused by corruption.
The first question that comes to my mind is how did the man enter our country? What happened to the N360m budgeted for its prevention?
Just like a thief in the night, Coronavirus entered our country through our borders without notice.
I always ask myself, can we not do better than this?
Yes, we can. Maybe our selfishess will not allow us to be our brothers’ keeper.
Suddenly, the price of every preventive material including hand sanitizer and mouth mask skyrocketed.
At this critical moment now, two things won’t cease. Political bantering and exploitive business. The cost of face mask is l N15, 000 for a pack of 50. It seems people don’t know the implication of all these. Business people still want to make money even when death is staring them in the face.
Everything about us is money, greed, selfishness and disloyalty. To Be a Good Leader, we must First Be a Good Follower.
It took China only 10 days to build a hospital for Coronavirus patients. Nigeria had enough notice. Why did we not build adequate facilities?
We suddenly increase the price of what we need to prevent our lives. Is that going to solve the problem? We must be careful not to be the problem we are trying to solve for. We don’t know the meaning of love or being one’s brothers’ keeper in this country.
We have health calamity in our country and we are still making our environment to be hostile to each other. So sad!
We Nigerians need to change our attitude, and that will determine our altitude as a nation. I always tell my friends that the greatest sin in this world is to eat someone’s sweat; his food and drink, and still go out to destroy them. God will never forgive that person.
The Bible asks in Mark 8:36 that ‘what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?’ Many think that the people who are in need of mask today will die of Coronavirus. But you will be surprised they may live longer than you.
Human beings are not God.

Wole Arisekola.

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