“God Is Not Deaf.”

This is taken from the book God Is Not Deaf, written by a trained pilot, Kunle Fayemi. please read on…
“…..In an attempt to communicate with “God”, these people make so much noise. And consequently,  they disturb the peace and tranquility of other people. It is an ethical axiom that our rights stop where other people’s right begin. Yes, the noise-makers in the guise of worshiping “God” have a right of worship, but so do others have a right to their peace and tranquility

If I were them, I will heed the advice once given that they should go inside their rooms, where no one can neither see nor hear them whenever they want to pray. 
I love to sleep. I love to sleep until my eyes open by themselves. This, again, is one of the simple pleasures of life that I thoroughly enjoy. You can call me blessed when it comes to achieving pleasant, deep, invigorating sleep. 
One morning in 2015, a loud noise woke me up around 6:30am,Alas! It was a loud speaker blaring the Christian gospel directly into my room. Well, so it seems. It was coming from close quarters though. It was so loud I could not concentrate on my own early morning meditation. 
I saw the Alfa living in the house opposite my own peeping down the street. He too wanted to know where his competitor’s loud noise was coming from. 
I went down and I saw two men holding loudspeakers as if holding machine guns. A lady without loud speaker was with them. They were in the “wa gba Jesu si inu aye e” mode. If the street was divided into two, where they were standing may conveniently be the middle. And that was where they were, attacking the neighborhood with their “every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess that Jesus is lord” imperial arrogance. The missionary that laid the foundation had the colonizers’ almighty guns backing them up. Their purported “saving souls” gentility actually was backed up with the overbearing power of the guns to colonize the souls of friends and foes alike.
But…..that was then, and this is now.
So, I walked up to these modern day evangelists who had robbed me of my early morning sweet sleep and my early morning meditation.
“Guys, this is unfair to the whole community. Your loud noise is depriving us of our early morning sweet sleep. Other people have their own way of calling unto their Gods too. Please stop.”    
He looked at me as if I was the devil itself preventing him from spreading the word of his God.
And I looked at him as if he was the devil depriving me of enjoying my “God-given” gift of sleep to the fullest.
The noise did stop. And I left them in peace. I had intended to seize their two loudspeakers if they had not stop.
His freedom of speech does not extend to polluting the environment with loud noise. And his freedom of worship does extend to disturbing my sleep.
It is axiomatic that our rights stop where other people’s rights begin.
Doing the right things the right way has no substitute. Failure to understand this is what led to our wobbling. “God” is not deaf.
Also, as a mystic, I am aware of a “God” that can read minds, that can speak in a silent voice. A voice so silent it will be drowned in the cacophony of noise making some people mistaken for prayer.
Stop all these ostentatious display of piety that was the hallmark of the Pharisees that were rebuked in antiquity.
Go ahead, go on, start striving to do the right things the right way, and, maybe, just maybe “God” will speak to you. And, then, you will stop acting like the prophets of Baal in antiquity.
We are not making as much progress as the rest of the world. And that’s not because we don’t pray enough. We do have millions of people who continue to disturb the peace of their community with their fervent, ostentatious prayers.
We are not making that much progress because majority of us have become rigid in our thinking,  and consequently stagnant in our progress.  We have  lost the ability to interpret reality effectively.
No wonder our unending slide down the ladder of progress.
Why is the Naira so weak and the dollars and pounds so strong? Is it because we need more crusade and night vigil?
Cruwhat? Sade? Nightwhat? Vigil? If it is not so sad, it will be funny.
Can any smart person see ice and says it comes from inside fire? Can any smart person see love, peace and joy and says it comes from negativity?  Can steady, positive progress be sustained without relevant knowledge, creativity and innovation?
I think accurate interpretation of reality is fundamental to all human progress. And clarity of mind, not prejudice, is needed to interpret reality effectively.
However, clarity of mind may elude any mind burning with anger, hatred, greed.
So, take a greed test, if it is positive, come and enroll in my class. I will teach you how to survive on less, how to cut your coat according to your fabrics, how to consistently enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
“God” is not deaf. It is just that the prayer of those who do not follow the law, those who are not diligent in their duties, those who are corrupt, are abomination to “Him”.
In addition, no one can substitute incompetence for “God”. Listen to the case of this young man. He does not have a good grasp of the English language. One can tell from his responses. But that can be excused. After all English language is a second one to him, and not his mother’s tongue. However, his arrogance is blinding him from recognizing that he has received a half-baked education.
He is not in good grasp of current reality. When he opens his mouth, he is describing a different reality apart from the one we shared in common. He continues to make the same mistake by thinking the way he thought before he finds himself in a stagnation mode.
He knows most things about “God”. He thinks nothing is impossible for “God”. And he thinks that prayer is the master key for all possibilities. But he’s incompetent in his profession. Yet he thinks it is the “haters” that refuse to recognize the good work of his hands.
Now, he should answer this question quick: has the majority of Nigerians not been praying ceaselessly in the last two years for the betterment of this country? Can anyone produce the proof of what has truly improved since then?
When he makes money from corrupt practices, he tags it “God’s blessing.” And he proceeds to his preferred place of worship for thanksgiving, to give “God” His share of the dirty lucre.
He thinks the government is this or is that. But he could not see the correlation between his archaic thinking that produces nothing, his voracious appetite for imported goods, services, ideology, and the continuously declining Naira.
The day he recognizes that he is a part of the problem of this country, is the day the seed of this country’s greatness will begin to germinate. “God” is not deaf.”

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