Evans The Stupid Criminal And His Stupid Theory Of Kidnapping

This piece is written by a top journalist Wisdom Patrick and i find it quite interesting. please read.
How Evans is so stupid to become a billionaire kidnapper yet got caught like a chicken is the most ridiculous crime of the century in Nigeria. No Armed Robber including vampire became a billionaire with all their heart of stone.
Evans has no business being paraded before journalists if he understood the theory of kidnapping in Nigeria. If I was Evans, I would have joined the APC in my state and become the sole financier of my local government party secretariat and a leading financial member in the state caucus. I will not only join APC that washes your sins away but also sponsor almost all the political holders from my constituency into offices including my governor.While doing this, I will be a major player by hiring boys to sing praises of Bukola Saraki and his gang of looters during any of their CCT and EFCC trials. You think that’s all, I will take full page in ten National Newspapers to congratulate the President on a successful trip from London the last time he came back and another page wishing him successful treatment on his return back to England.

In all of this, I will become friends with top security agencies especially the SSS and even donate vehicles and equipment to them. I would have asked them the latest equipment they need to track down criminals which I will immediately order for them. Pronto, I will order the latest ones that can jam the signals of the sophisticated equipment I bought for them to stop them from locating me while they track others.
To crown it all, I will be a free giver to social media celebrities and top editors of media houses. I will host them to dinners quarterly and stuck their mouths with dollars gotten from my stingy victims.
Do all of this and watch how you will be freed on orders from above when you are caught even red handed. No hungry journalist will be allowed close to you, as no editor will send any staff. You have become a hero and to reward you for the little embarrassment caused you by security agencies, you will be rewarded with a ticket to the National Assembly.

You are finally welcome to the world of official looting where you kidnap budget.#Fejiro Oliver, #NASS,#NPF,#mpoekpo

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