Exposed Many Dirty Deals Of Ex-FCT Minister Bala Mohammed …How He Became Patience Jonathan’s Close Ally

There is no iota of doubt that just past FCT Minister, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed will be one of the members of the executive council of former President Jonathan that may be asked to account for the series of fraudulent practices perpetuated while in office.

The minister whom many know rode to the seat of power through the help of former Bauchi State Governor, Mallam Issa Yuguda will soon be saddled with the burden of proving his innocence in the multi-billion naira fraud allegation that propagated during his reign as the number one citizen of the city of Abuja, the official capital of Nigeria.

 Part of the areas the minister is found wanting are the housing estates’ scam, the multi-billion naira phony farm projects which Bala used in siphoning the treasury of the FCTA and the massive looting of the ministry.

Aside, the former minister’s personal interest in amassing wealth to himself through dubious and other criminal ways that were alien to the FCDA. He was also accused of playing to the whims and caprices of  ex-President Jonathan and his appendage, Patience Faka Jonathan.

To many people, Bala should be standing trial for the indiscriminate allocation of plots of land in the FCT, which he did not only to top party men but also his ardent supporters and coordinators of his failed governorship ambition. This includes the controversial 90 hectares of land located along the highway leading to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja that was dashed to the former president, Goodluck Jonathan. His wife, Patience Jonathan also got many plots that made her annex former first lady, Turai Yar’Adua’s land before she decided to seek redress in court.

Not only that, selected members of the out-going 7th National Assembly from Bauchi State were allocated plots without requests and selected members of Bauchi State PDP executive council members apart from some self-appointed major stakeholders in the PDP.

The ministry under the former senator is also accused of sharing the nation’s assets and billions to his wives, children, brothers and relatives throughout his reign as minister.

Bala Mohammed was said not to be alone in this alleged fraudulent practices, he had a dependable ally in the person of Ibrahim Bomoi, his Director of Treasury Operation (DoT) who helped in the crazy siphoning of the FCTA.

 We gathered further that through the orders of the former First Lady, Patience Jonathan, more lands were allocated and unaccounted money that runs into billions was paid to her during the period. The FCTA was believed to be one of her major conduit pipes as the First Lady that many people almost concluded that she was the de facto minister of the FCT.

During the six-year misrule of ex- President Jonathan, plots were allocated to fronts, contracts were awarded without tender; there were highly technical diversion of funds that was generated internally by Bomois.  One of those who benefitted from Bala Mohammed largesse is Chief Edwin Clark who got not only land but completed mansion as gift from the minister. The structure is situated in the costly area of Maitama Districts. Aside Clark, some other security agents also became land owners courtesy of the land father Christmas.

Those who should know reliably informed us that Bala Muhammed, aside riding on the back of his former god father Yuguda, he also took advantage of the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s health controversy then, knowing very well and craftily too that Jonathan will be the end beneficiary if the then vice president Jonathan was given full presidential powers and if he eventually became substantive president because it has become clear to all that Yar’Adua’s sickness was indeed terminal. Bala went against the north, targeting what he was dreaming of.

And eventually it worked well for him because Jonathan did not only become the acting president with full presidential powers but also the president after the anticipated demise of Yar’Adua.

  After winning Jonathan to his side, he knew he still had an uphill task to achieve and he succeeded in using the method of deceptive loyalty to get the former first lady Patience Jonathan. He also became very close to Patience when he helped in bringing sorcerers to the first family to help wade off bad omen. At a point; insiders said he became the spiritual consultant of the First Lady because of his alleged ability to play ‘miracles’ to her. That action made her one of the closest to the first family and that earned him the juicy position he got.

The ‘shrewd’ Bala has done his home work very well. He knows that Mr. Jonathan can be easily penetrated through his overbearing wife and that all he needed to do was to be a good ‘son’ to her and to love her and Jonathan more than his own biological parents which he did albeit mischievously and deceptively; the same strategy done to Yuguda in the past.

Those who know Bala before success became his permanent friend informed us that he was a wretched senator who used to loiter around the corridors of FCT ministries in search of non-existing contracts in his quest to get rich quick. And as fate would have it, he not only got contracts at his beck and call, he became the distributor of contracts to any one that pleases his heart.


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