Copyright Infringement BLACKFACE SLAPS TUFACE …With Lawsuit

Music they say “is the food of love” but this love has continued to diminish between the two members of the defunct music group, Plantashun Boys. The group which was originally made of Augustine Ahmedu (Blackface Naija), Innocent Ujah Idibia (TuFace Idibia), and Chibuzor (Face); these guys used to be the toast of real music lovers years back with their well-coordinated voices and solo tones, and hardly do you have any top event or show without the plantation boys performing.
The group went their different ways due to some irreconcilable difference arising majorly between Blackface and 2 face Idibia, leaving Face with no option than to stand alone. It was discovered that Blackface was responsible for writing most of Plantashun boys’ songs; as such Blackface played a leading role in the emergence and existence of the group then. 
The disintegration started when Blackface Naija recorded a single, this single did not go well with other members of the Plantashun Boys and 2Baba followed suit.

This, however, gave room for 2 Face Idibia to navigate to another lane and he later signed to Kennis Music label. Under this label, Innocent idibia had his first solo hit (African Queen), a song believed to have been written by Blackface Naija. The song made a lot of fortunes for Idibia, winning several local and international awards in various categories.
The song even got so well-liked that it was used as a sound track in one of the Hollywood movies in U.S.
 The success of the song, African Queen drew a battle line between the duo of Blackface and 2 face, as Blackface demanded royalties for being the song writer and owner and threatened to sue 2 face.
And in order to forestall the matter from going to court, a meeting was arranged by Olushola Adebowale, Managing Consultant to BFN, and the management of 2 face with both artistes in attendance. It was agreed that a settlement be made in form of compensation to Blackface by 2face who are both from the same community in Benue State.
The dispute lasted until Blackface confirmed he received a stipend from 2face and he wanted the African Queen matter dead. Both were trying to mend their friendship and resuscitate the Plantashun Boys back on stage, when Blackface discovered another of his song (Let Somebody love u) in 2 Baba new album (The Ascension); the song was modified and it featured Bridget Kelly and Efe as a co-writer, Blackface named Austin Ahmedu was only acknowledged even as the copyright owner to the song.
This really infuriated Blackface as he was not informed of 2 face’s decision to use his song again without his knowledge. When Blackface put a call through to 2 Face, he admitted but said he thought he informed him, Black saw this as a slap and believed 2 face is underrating his financial capability to sponsor a case in the court of law. However, Blackface has served a letter to 2 face through his lawyer and 2 face has requested for an out of court settlement again. Blackface has made himself available for all the meetings but all has yielded no result, making the court the best place to fight his cause.
When Blackface was asked recently on this development; he said” he is a man of peace and that he will always use all legal means to protect his intellectual property. Blackface did not want to talk further, saying his manager and lawyer should be contacted on the matter and that 2face remains his brother. But brothers do go to court if there are disputes. I am still waiting to hear from my brother”. It will be recalled that the last time the Plantashun Boys performed together was at the Henessey Artistry concert in December 2014. Their performance was faulted as being poor as they look uncoordinated on stage.

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