Commotion in Palace Best Friend Snatches Kabiyesi From Olori She declares “Yes, I’m Sleeping With Kabiyesi, so what?”

“Yes, I am sleeping with Kabiyesi, your husband. What would you do? Before, I was sharing him with you, but now if you don’t take time and co-operate, I will take him away from you completely. In fact, this baby I am backing is for Kabiyesi, your husband”. 

These were the words of a woman popularly called Mama BJ who is said to be a bosom friend to the eldest wife of Oba of Shasha, His Royal Majesty, Babatunde Akanbi Lawal. The said Olori is reported to always confided in this friend of hers, Mama BJ, not knowing that there is an illicit love affair going on between her husband and Mama BJ. Olori is said to have trusted Mama BJ to such an extent that she usually divulges her matrimonial information to her, it is said that there is virtually nothing that transpired between her and Kabiyesi she didn’t tell Mama BJ. According to sources, the show of shame happened few weeks back when Mama BJ was publicly shouting the aforementioned statements in front of the Oba’s palace at Oluwatoyin Street, Shasha Road, Lagos. She was said to be directing those words to the Olori who was said to have got wind of her secret love affair with Kabiyesi and confronted her. Though, the Olori was said to remain silent and indoors when Mama BJ came to the palace, she was reportedly uttering provoking words mainly directed at Olori to prompt her to come out and face her. Mama BJ was also said to refer to the baby she was backing as Kabiyesi’s child. “If you don’t know, let me tell you that the baby I am even backing belongs to Kabiyesi”. Those who should know said Mama BJ is a married woman, but her husband does not stay with her, he only rented an apartment for her where she stays. She is said to be the second wife of her husband. However, as a result of what happened, the Olori is said to have packed out of the palace, while it remains unknown if Mama BJ would match her word with action by moving into the palace to replace her friend.

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