Top Lagos Beauty Palour Lady Thorpe Forcefully Ejected Over N16M Fraud

LADY THORPE Boutique and Unisex Salon that used to be the rave in Lagos especially Ikeja amongst top society ladies and men in the 90s through to the 2000s is no more; at least for now. The salon that has its location at 58 Allen Avenue was yesterday shut down while its properties were carted away by court officials who came handy with a Writ of Fieri Facias (Fi. Fa.)
The owner who is simply known as Rose is alleged to have collected rent from different people totaling up to N16Million without remitting it to the rightful owner.  Though, tales has it that the married  lady was at a time dating the owner of the property, hence, her queried control; but, after the demise of the owner, the children took it upon themselves to retrieve their legacy. That was why they sought the law.

After some years of legal battle, the court gave its judgment against Lady Thorpe and the law swung into action yesterday when all outfits in the building including Lady Thorpe were sealed up and their properties were carted away.
Many of the occupants are in serious pains because they’ve just renewed their tenancy without having knowledge that she was not the rightful owner of the property. Also, many of her workers who just paid their rents  are now in serious distress, not knowing what next to do.
Interestingly, Madam Lady Thorpe who had hints of what to come had lied to many around her in the building that she has just lost her father and she needed to go back to Ghana to  bury him and as such disappeared into thin air.

We have it on good source that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has been contacted by some of the aggrieved and soon, she may be declared wanted  

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