Stroke Rumour Trails Lagos Lawmaker And Reps Hopeful Bolaji Yussuf Ayinla

Recently, when Lagos Lawmaker Bolaji Yussuf Ayinla popularly known as BYA went to the United Kingdom after his gallant battle at the just concluded All Progressive Congress (APC) primaries, tales abound that the reason for his sudden exit from his fatherland was because he was not enjoying the best of health. Many people especially from Mushin, a notorious part of Lagos where he’ll be contesting for the Federal House of Representatives next year claimed that the lawmaker quickly went out of town because of ill health. Though, those who are spreading the gossip do not know precisely was afflicted him, but they could swear to high heavens that the happy go lucky chap was down health wise. gathered from a close source that the Lagos House of Assembly member may have suffered suffered partial stroke.
The stroke that they claimed afflicted BYA who was formerly resident in the United Kingdom before relocating to his father’s land did not restrict him permanently to the sick bed, we are told
Those who know reliably informed that the way people were killed in Mushin during the election may have led to his blood pressure going up north before the near calamity happened.
On the day of the primaries, we gathered that about four Idi Araba brats were killed by Mushin gangsters led by one Akeem No case.
In a reprisal attack, the Idi Araba brats descended on the Mushin gangsters and killed seven people. This was said to have affected BYA so much that stroke had no choice than to afflict him.
However, BYA is back in the country with a close tab on him by his physicians

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