Amiable youthful entrepreneur and CEO, Bowill Group, Mr Siyanbola Oladapo is bereaved.
Siyanbola, who also double as President of the Association of Nigeria Courier Operators (ANCO), lost his mother, Madam Abike Mobolanle Oladapo to the cold hands of death on November 8 recently.
Madam Oladapo who died at the ripe age of 86 is reputed for her motherly virtues while alive.

According to Siyanbola, “she was a mother in a million, a mother every child would wish for. We, the children, her relatives as well as her community would miss her for all she stood for while alive”. 
Sources close to the Bowill Group CEO also disclosed that Siyanbola has committed enormous human and material resources towards giving his mum a befitting farewell ceremony.  

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