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‘Sex Talk’ Tears Popular Blogger Oloni And Entertainment Guru Ayo Shonaiya Apart

Controversial blogger cum sexual wellness and relationships content creator, Dami Olonisakin, otherwise known as Oloni and popular artiste manager, Ayo Shonaiya, were at daggers drawn for over 24hours on Twitter, yesterday.Oloni, famous for her polarising views on sex and sexuality, tweeted to her over 147, 000 followers; “Consent isn’t just asking beforehand if they wanna sex. It’s also checking in during sex. “Do you like this? Can I carry on?” Men purred at the tweet accusing her of misleading women while many of her female followers found it creepy for a man to ask them in the throes of ecstasy whether to stop or continue. But Oloni maintained her stance.And then, Shonaiya, who has managed some of Nigeria’s most popular artistes like D’banj, Don Jazzy, K1 De Ultimate and Muna among others, stepped in, and responded cynically; “Might as well develop an App for this.”Oloni didn’t quite find this reply amusing and she responded; “Here’s an example. Here we have Ayo with a rapey tweet.” Shonaiya took offence immediately and replied with equal venom; “And here’s an example of an unashamed exploiter of sensitive issues, a grandstander and a fucking panderer! “Rapey”?!!!Thus, began crossfire of tweets. Oloni accused him of being a weirdo in response to a commenter who stated; “Yes rapey, cynicism & sarcasm when discussing consent will be perceived as resistance and not the acceptance of said consent. You think you came across (as) funny but instead came across (as) insensitive & creepy. Try again.”A brilliant lawyer and public affairs analyst, Shonaiya is no shrinking violet either; he gave it back to Oloni in equal measure; “People like you do more damage to the cause than help educate on how to prevent rape. You are actually posting stupid tweets that would mislead young girls because you think you’re an influencer. I’m sure every Male is a “weirdo” to you. Fcking panderer!”Like Shonaiya, Oloni doesn’t suffer fools gladly; “You’re just making noise because you’ve been called out. I go into schools and educate young boys and girls about consent, so you’re just talking for talking sake. You are a weirdo. Learn more about consent, your ignorance is unbearable.”Incidentally, while Oloni was born in London on August 6, 1990, Shonaiya was born December 6, 1968, also in London. So, in spite of their mutual British/Nigerian heritage, he would not be browbeaten by a young lady who is about his first child’s age. He continued, “You are speaking social media slang. What is “called out”? Called out as what? You go to schools to educate young boys and girls about consent but you tweet stupid shit like “can I carry on?” You’re nothing but a Panderer.” Shonaiya added, “The omission of consent is rape. Very clear! You are now creating the omission of “checking in” DURING sex which is misleading. Maybe you should set timing and intervals as well, or whether 1 groan or 2 constitutes a “carry on”. You are trivialising rape if you don’t know.”Oloni wouldn’t back down either; “YES YOU FCKING FOOL. I MEAN LIKE LOL ARE YOU A VIRGIN?? Sometimes sex hurts, and there might be a point where either party might need to ask ‘CAN I CARRY ON?’ Or whatever feels appropriate at the time. ‘Are you okay?’ Now please fgs (For God Sake) take your rapey questions out of my mentions.” With a tone of finality, she stated, “You’re so stupid it hurts. You’re actually arguing over making sure partners are comfortable during intimacy? Go away, man.”To which Shonaiya also responded with his au revoir, “You can fuck off too, panderer for social media clout. Go and educate yourself and fine-tune your ‘advice’ before you do more damage than help

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