SEN. Ganiu olanrewaju Solomon Dares TINUBU

Who becomes the Lagos state APC flag bearer for the 2015 gubernatorial election is becoming an issue that is threatening to tear the party apart. This, many are thinking if not resolved, may swing the votes the way of the PDP come the general election next year.

Those who know informed  that the subject has become a thing of most interest amongst the concerned. Many believe that the Akin Ambode’s kite that is being flown by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will do nothing but disintegrate the party the more.
Most of the people who spoke with believe that the only person who can deliver the votes for APC in 2015 is no one than Senator Olanrewaju Solomon; their belief is based on the fact that the serving senator has contested and won several elections and he his is very popular in the grass root.
Although, many politicians are jostling for the coveted post, many however think the only many who can salvage APC from Jonathan tsunami is GOS.
Meanwhile, we gathered that GOS has made it known that he is not ready to listen to the sermons of Asiwaju Tinubu over the request that he should step down; to him, the only thing that could make him step down is for the party to conduct a free and fair primaries.

Sen. GOS said that he is ready to line up behind whoever comes top if every aspirant is given equal opportunity

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