Revealed! Real Reasons More New Generation Churches Spring Up In Nigeria

The spate at which new generation churches are springing is no doubt alarming. Many religious dudes have argued that the increase in churches is a good development that makes the gospel of Christ easy and accessible for faithful and born-again.
Others are of the opinion that the upsurge in Pentecostal churches most especially in this part of the divide derides the purpose it was hitherto meant for – soul rescue from the devil.
However, beyond what might appear as the obvious motive behind the burgeoning springing of churches with creative and attractive names to arrest minds, researches have shown that there are more to the idea than what is represented in the public.

Overtime, mammoth of Christians have enrolled into biblical pastoring schools with the hope of becoming general overseer one day. They also enroll into schools of communication and presentation to sharpen their skills in public speaking.
Upon graduation from the institutes, these scholar pastors set out from their founding church to establish their own worship centre, and openly claim to have been inspired and called by God to serve as His messenger and prophet as well as bringer of good tidings to the people.
Moreover, our investigation unveiled why new churches get registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, (CAC) in the quest to make ends from the house of God.
It was gathered that the unending surge of churches around the nooks and crannies of Nigeria is as a result of the proceeds that emanate from it.
one thing that many cant push aside is the fact that these churches get grants from foreign bodies that runs into millions of naira. all what they have to do is to show a congregation and probably help a tiny part of the church or some individuals and load them to the platform where grant is being sought. and that will be all they need to qualify for the dollar rain from these foreign bodies who are out to help churches in developing countries.

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