Reps. Speaker Aminu Tambuwal’s Governorship Hope Dims ..Why His Gay Allegation With Gov. Wamakkon May Stall His Dream

Aminu Tambuwal, Speaker, House of Representatives has been running from pillar to post in the last few weeks and he has been clinging to dim hope as his chances of clinching the governorship seat of Sokoto State are getting slipping away from him really fast.
Tambuwal who was declared flag bearer of his party, All Progressive Congress (APC), has been in the middle of a legal battle over irregularities at the governorship primaries.  
Amongst other gross misconducts in the governorship primary election of December 4, 2014 that Tambuwal is answering a case for at the Federal High Court, Abuja are allegations that  the officials of the Sokoto State Government as well as officials of APC denied all other aspirants except Animu Tambuwal access to the delegates.

The screening of delegates on the day of the primaries was not done between the stipulated hours of 8am and 12 noon and the list of the delegates as issued by the National Secretariat  of APC was not used in the conduct of the said election of December 4, 2014.
Without hiding or afraid of the cause of law,  on the very day of election, members of the Sokoto State and 
Local Government as well as members of the State Assembly openly canvassed for votes of Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal.
Also, in the open glare of spectators and all present at those present, voting was not conducted in secret as stipulated in the Guidelines of APC (the first defendant), instead, Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal had his name written on ballot papers and those papers were freely distributed to delegates at the Ginginya Stadium, Sokoto, venue of the primaries election. 
It turned out that both accredited delegates and even non-delegates were issued with already filled ballot papers with the name of Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal. 
Apart from the case Tambuwal has to answer in the court of law, his sudden closeness to the Governor of Sokoto State, Aliyu Wammako is casting aspersion on his person.
Since Wammako became governor in the deeply religious state of Sokoto, it has been whispered in all corners of the state and even neighbouring states that he a sexual preference for same sex. Although Wammako is married to two women, those who know him say this is just facade to hide his real sexuality.

‘Baby’, Wammako’s pet name by his many young male lovers has is known all over Sokoto and its environs and has been openly condemned even by the Islamic preachers in the state during Jumat services. Of note is the Imam of the Central Mosque of Sokoto whose  CD against Wammako’s sexuality is enjoying  massive sale.
It is thus a shock that Aminu Tambuwal would align with such a man of such character. Wammako is known as somebody who favours only his bed mates. Why then would a man like Tambuwal identify with him? How then are the two suddenly so close? Why would Wammako throw caution to the wind and adopt Tambuwal all of a sudden? Questions are being asked.
Some people who knew Aminu Tambuwal right from secondary school would not be surprised if indeed he is swinging it both ways. He was caught engaging in gay activities many times back then in the hostel. It is possible he still enjoys the game of this younger days.
However, if Aminu Tambuwal is indeed involved with Wammako, it is a slap of the face of the people of Sokoto State that they are settling the affairs and future of the good people of Sokoto State between sheets.
The other matter of concern to the people of Sokoto State is the fact that when they thought one gay would soon leave the state and allow them to pray and cleanse the land of the sacrilege, another person of questionable character should not take over.
The fear of Sokoto people about Tambuwal’s real sexuality is so palpable that they would rather vote PDP into power in the state than allow anybody with close affinity to Wammako.
As the next election comes close and Wammako leaves office, Sokoto is happy to see his back and they will not want a reminder of him in government house.
Aminu Tambuwal indeed has a lot to clear on his plate more than his ambition.    

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