Real reason kemi nelson and jumoke okoya-thomas are at war

The unpalatable and very sour story that emanated from the political stable  of the APC in the past few days can not be said to be salutary at all. The ugly incident that ended in the animalistic harassment of the lagos state women leader, hon jumoke okoya-thomas, a former two time lagos state house of assembly member, has since set some tongues wagging over what could have led to that gory state in the center of excellence state.
But this medium can authoritatively inform you, without any fear of contradiction of the real reason behind the ugly scenario. According to our very reliable source, the two principal characters in the messy development, Chief (Mrs) Kemi Nelson, the South-West Women lLeader of APC and Hon.Jumoke Okoya-Thomas, the incumbent Lagos APC Women Leader (infact kemi nelson’s successor in this office) have over time been at logger-heads and have been playing cat and mouse with each other’s camps over reason that are not far-fetched, superiority tussle, simple.
What actually snow-balled into this recent bad blood between the two women initially took its wake in Epe during the last Eid -El-Fitri festivities, where the Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode fetched muslim faithful and party supporters with many APC big wigs and stakeholders in attendance. At the all-embracing Epe function, Kemi Nelson , Jumoke Okoya-Thomas and their supporter-cum-foot soldiers were expectedly in conspicuous attendance and the brewing and already festering face-0ffs between the two Lagos big female politicians sparked off when one of the notable aides of Kemi Nelson, Ayo Alli Balogun was allegedly to have scornfully disparaged the usually and unassumingly quiet jumoke okoya-thomas, during the event; an act that was noticed and condemned in its entirely by those who witnessed the disdainful act.
Surprisingly, Jumoke and her cohorts did not create any scene at the Epe jolly meeting. But, just as if Kemi Nelson’s aide Ayo Alli-Balogun had a date with the devil, She again accosted Jumoke’s personal assistant known as Alhaja Biodun as soon as the new women leader stepped into the APC lagos HQ on Acme Road, where a stakeholders meeting was rescheduled to hold. This was where hell was let loose when the lady rebuffed her challenge. In the course of this, a fiasco ensued and before anyone knew what was happening, Jumoke’s aide has been beating blue-black by Ayo Alli-Balogun and some of Kemi Nelson’s sympathizers who were thee as at that time. When the matter was almost getting out of hand, Jumoke was said to have meandered into an hidden place knowing fully well that it was her turn after her aide has been dealt with. This made her put a call through to some of her supporters to curtail the incursion of Kemi Nelson men. Before Jumoke’s men could arrive at the scene, the rampaging and ever riot ready Kemi Nelson loyalist who are mainly of the vandals and thuggery stocks have succeeded in putting the whole atmosphere into pandemonium. The event left Jumoke’s aide so blooded that many even were wandering whether she was not even beaten by charms and amulets, going by the gory picture that went virile on the social media.
Another angle that said to have led to the sordid incident at the APC headquarter in Lagos, was that during the Epe party , Ayo Alli Balogun was said to have stylishly sprayed the musician on the band stand and asked him to use snide and abusive remarks on Jumoke and her folks and much to their chagrin and disapproval.
It should be recalled that these two Lagos APC female stalwarts have ab initio been at daggers drawn with each other since Kemi Nelson emerged the south west APC women leader at the last APC national convention in Abuja, a position which she used to hold at the state level, before jumoke came on board to replace her. Unfortunately , Kemi Nelson , unofficially seeing her self as the Lagos women leader emeritus of the party refused to vacate her office accommodation at the lagos APC h/q on Acme Road, this which was the normal thing for her to do. This jumoke viewed with a very strong opposition to Kemi Nelson sit-tight approach to the office in Lagos state, even after being upgraded to the national or regional level as it were. The stage has since been set for what eventually transpired few days ago, leaving many injured and specifically jumoke’s aide who was battered and brutally assaulted by Kemi Nelson men. But could this be adjudged to be the only reason for the unwholesome development between the these two amazon of Lagos politics? The probable answer to this probing question is an emphatic NO; as those who know the two well have it on hindsight that Kemi Nelson being a society lady of repute, in time past, once had a very cordial but suspicious alliance with late father of jumoke chief molade okoya-thomas, a prominent and foremost corporate giant/philanthropist in his days; a development which jumoke was reportedly very much aware of, and had always kept kemi nelson at arms length over this, even up to the time of her father death. And with the two of them now actively in politics, they were not bound to be of the same interest, women being what they are. But this angle is still in the realm of conjectures as it cant be proved here or there of the nature of cordiality and closeness that exsitedbetween kemi nelson and jumoke father, Chief moladeokoya-thomas.
Be all these as they may, another very pungent reason why kemi nelson has blatantly refused to let go her strong hold on the lagos of the APC women leader, is that, as the 2019 election from ward to ward to state and national level approach, the perks and derivables occurring from that office are believed to be lucrative for the holders of that office in any state, let alone a buoyant and political virile state like Lagos. In other words, many believe the occupant of that office in Lagos state, is bound to reap in bountifully from the office. Kemi nelson a former commissioner in the state and the immediate past women leader of APC in the state, having tasted and savored such freebies, would not for any reason allow them to go by, let alone to someone she sees as an affront in jumoke okoya-thomas.
With all these shenanigans and face-offs in place, as at times of filling in this report, the lagos state APC hierarchy or executive, as it were, is yet to make any categorical statement on the unfortunate and very damning scenario, same for the ever recalcitrant and overlording kemi nelson, who sees herself in the lagospolitical firmament as an untouchable or unchallengeable force. Hon jumoke okoya-thomas, a very quiet and easy going politician with solid pedigree is said to be quiet on all these.
Even party stalwart and prominent stakeholders that were contacted to have their reaction on the unbroglio between chief (mrs) kemi nelson and hon. Jumokeokoya-thomas, were neither here nor there in their responses, saying reluctantly that the party is looking into the matter as best as possible to find a final truce to an issue that could dent the image of the party in the forth coming election which the major opposition party in the state, PDP is hell bent on winning.
As it stand kemi nelson and jumoke okoya-thomas will remain two parallel lines that can never meet, if truth must be told the lion of bourdillion has a big say in this matter.

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