Prez Buhari Keeps APC Leaders Guessing Over Cabinet

The shenanigans that have continued to surrounding the polity after the exchange of power at the Federal level will not stop anytime soon. Not at a time when the ruling party has been forced to share legislative power in the two chambers of National Assembly.
What happened is indeed pardonable because it is repetition of history written by the ruling incumbent ruling party years back when they were in the opposition using former speaker of House of Representatives as link to overturn the population advantage of the house fed into its favour.

As pardonable as it may appear, the show of discountenance for party supremacy in this dispensation actually started from the newly elected president of the federal republic of Nigeria, General MuhammaduBuhari who has constantly keeping his party leaders at bay over his next move as he prepares to kick start his tenure properly.
This singular acthandcuff APC leaders who are aggrieved that some of the politicians who contested the last general election under the party’s platform have barely within a month of inauguration started biting the hands that fed them.
Until this moment, contrary to public expectations, Buhari seems to be playing his card close to his chest – a sign of his inaugural statement, “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody”. The president has made only two appointments (Mr. Femi Adesina and senior special assistant on media and publicity MalamGarbaShehu. MallamShehu was the director of media and publicity of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential campaign organisation) since his inauguration, refusing to release names of his choices to the party.

It was learnt that Buhari has rejected nominations from state governors because he has resolved to singlehandedly appoint people that will form his cabinet. The aides so far announced are his special adviser on media and publicity According to sources around Buhari, the president’s reluctance to kick start the government, is due to the fact that he’s trying to get quality hands in lieu of political appointees who may not move on the same radar with him by the time he began his policy execution. Feelers say Buhari is also looking at balancing geo-political zones, the ethnic and religious creeds.

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