PDP Crises Update ‘JIMI AGBAJE IS A NONENTITY’ -Ebenezer Babatope

 Just as many are thinking that the crises rocking the People’s Democratic Party Of Nigeria (PDP) will soon be a thing of the past, many of the stakeholders seem to be doing things to fan the ember of disunity that’s eating deep into the once dominant party in Nigeria.    
While they are still looking for ways to solve the riddles of different judgments concerning the party, many top party members are still very much engaged in throwing jibes at one another. One of the culprits lately is elder statesman and former minister, Ebenezer Babatope who voice his displeasure recently about what is happening in the party. Babatope was quoted to have referred to Jimi Agbaje as a nonentity who does not deserve the chairmanship position of the party.

Chief Babatope says  “They don’t want him. They say Bode George was going to disturb their programme. They wanted a nonentity to be chairman, somebody they can dictate to. That is why they brought this boy they called Jimi Agbaje and they want the man called Uche Seondus from the South-South to be the national deputy chairman so that Secondus will be able to now manage their simpleton and robot chairman and push him to anywhere they like. That is what they wanted. They know that Bode George, under no circumstance, will in this world allow injustice to prevail and, therefore, they do not believe in that”.

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