Pathetic Life Of Ogboni Member… Says “I Regret Ever Joining The Deadly Group” Ajibosho

If you are one of those who feels that some culture and tradition of the black Africans have been filtered away by civilization then, you may have been living in the outer space. If you are also of the opinion that the days of unwholesome and dastard practices of the stone age are gone for good in black Africa, you’ll be shocked to know that some of these practices still go on in our land especially after reading the pathetic story of a 68 year-old man who is now full of regrets for joining the Ogboni Fraternity.

The man, yekini Ajibosho has been shouting to the whole world that he has been living with sadness as his permanent neighbour for 4 years since the Ogboni Fraternity group he joined 11 years ago is now demanding the life of his first son as redemption of the pledge he innocently made at inception.

The man who claimed he is bent in making all Nigerians to be aware of the going ons of the group is sad that the group he joined inroder to seek assistance has now turned out to be the source of unending sorrow in his life.

Some umsuspecting members of the public, according to the man have been lured into the fold with the belief that it was only a social club like any other, one can find around the country’s spaces. Ajibosho who had visited top Radio stations in the country while speaking with this magazine stated that when he was joining, he was made to believe that he was joining a social group that supports one another in various capacities. “Though, you may get the wealth, power and position you sought when you joined but nothing goes for nothing. They must ask you to bring something in replacement for the favour the group may have done for you” According to him, it was until he joined that reality dawned on him. One of the reasons he is now regretting ever joining the group is the ritual that is peculiar to the group. According to him “Why I’m so pained now is the fact that after joining, they’ll make you pledge different unimaginable things. The most common is your first son. You can pledge a male child as early as a day old. If you don’t have a male child, they can make it happen for you” he averred

Ajibosho who shed tears while revealing his experience with the group stated that it is purely a secret cult that still practises rituals in this age of modernity and scientific advancement. Unlike the Reformed Ogboni group who parades as being open, the traditional Ogboni Confraternity remains a secret cult group that you dare not reveal your membership to anyone.

Speaking further on the issue Ajibosho says “What I want people to know is that there are different fractions of Ogboni, some are plainly for social class like the Reformed Ogboni and some others but the traditional ones like the one I joined hide under this guise to lure unsuspecting poeple that love fame, wealth and position like myself into it. As a matter of fact, you don’t know the patrons and top people in the group even as a member”

Ajibosho who said he has been battling with fulfilling the pledge he made to them for the past 4years revealed that it is almost impossible to renounce your membership and you dare not report to the police because most top officers and other top proffessionals are also members.

When he was asked if this revelation will not be dangerous going by what he has painted so far, Ajibosho says “I don’t care what happens to me, I am ready to face the consequences alone. As long as I refuse to pledge any of my kids, they will have nothing to do with them that is why I came out now so that I will be the one that should be dealt with” he said further that once you ignorantly pledge your child, there is no going back for that child unless the child dies; and this he said is what he can not allow to happen to him.

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