Organ Harvest Latest: Victim’s Brother Reveals Real Age Says: He’s 25 not 15 

Jonathan Ukpo Nwanmini, the younger brother of David Ukpo Nwanmini, an alleged victim of organ trafficking involving Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife in the United Kingdom, has opened up about his real age.

Jonathan said that his sibling is 25 years old, as against the 15 claimed by the British Police, but the brother, who claimed to be 22 years old, told Vanguard that the victim is his elder brother.

“David is my elder brother because we are both of the same father with different mothers and we hail from Ebonyi State. I will be 22 years old by next month and David is 25 years old,” he said.

“I am aware that he traveled because he told me. He did not disclose the country he was traveling to. He simply told me he was going to school abroad.

After some months of not hearing from him, I got his number from his girlfriend and called him. I asked about his studies and work.

He said it was fine but that he was not working yet as he needed to go to school first before he could be given a working paper. I told him about our dad who was not feeling fine.

“This was the conversation we had this month since January when he traveled. He was staying with us here in Ikotun before he left. We both have cell phone accessories. We spoke last week. We even spoke again this week.”

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