Okorocha Lavishes Multi Million Naira On CNN Advert Amid Unpaid Workers Salary

The ugly state of affair of Imo State civil servants seems to be the least issue that bothers the South Eastern governor, Rochas Okorocha going by the recent show of nonchalance and waste of public funds on needless personal advert/project.
Despite the recent bailout funds doled out by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government, to cushion the dust raised by backlog of salaries and sundry debts owed by the state, reverse has been the case as workers are yet to get their salaries. The money has obviously been diverted on frivolous advertisement on United States Television Network, (CNN).
The advertisement content has several pictures of Okorocha with some world leaders and sightseeing of Imo State’s tourist attraction centers for potential investors.

Although, the palpable fear of incurring more debts has led the governor to divest in some government parastatals which has  pitched him against the organized labour in the state, his recent advertisement on CNN has erupted anger of some workers in the state who are of the opinion that the huge amount of dollars wasted on the advert could well be used to settle some of the state’s financial quagmire.
Some said Okorocha has no conscience or remorse towards the abject poverty of people who voted him into office; rather, he resulted to show off on the International Television Channel.
When Cityrovers made enquiry into the rationale behind the governor’s advert on CNN, it was gathered that it’s a move towards improving internally generated revenue by opening Imo State to potential foreign investors.
According to research, the cost of a 30seconds advertisement on CNN is about $7,000 dollars because of the world wide coverage of the channel, that is about N1.4 million going by the current exchange rate.

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