Noel Seeks To Resurrect Alternative Music With Band Extesia

Noel, is a 25 year old graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, signed under TuneurSoulMusic Entertainment and also the Lead artist of the Extesia Band.

The Extesia Band believes in making alternative music in Africa which is the original and relaxation music enjoyed by Africans, compared to the trending Afro Hip Hop and Rap songs which have undeniably gaining publicity in the music space.

Extesia Band’s cynosure is to bring back the music that can be enjoyed by all, encircled with good vocal and cadence to bring back the feelings of good music which were enjoyed in the good old days.

As a special kind of Band the Extesia Band compared the music of our fore fathers listened to as African alternative music and finds the music of today as less emotional and lacks human interest or any elements of personal developments.

According to Noel the industry is more focus on recording artiste and the beats they make or buy from producers.
“2baba did not start his music career singing music that doesn’t make sense or have any value, if he did he won’t be where he is today.
Music is beyond fame and the publicity gained today but what people will say about you in the future, you can’t sing songs to destroy lives and expect your life to be great.” He said.
Noel and the Extesia band play  live alternative Music and have gained audience with a lot of people who visits their Instagram page(Noel_ive) to show then love.
He believes that the industry will gain more prominence when they make more music of value to the world compared to what they are making now.
“If songs of the late Luther vandross can still gain air play today it is due to the message and music value.
Ebenezer Obey and the king sunny ADE’s songs are still very prominent why do songs of just last year gone ?
Let’s make  good music and the fortune of the world will come to Nigeria. Recording and performing artist should consider the future of their fans and not let this commercial songs  parasite eat into the heart of the music industry in Nigeria.”
He concludes.

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