Bolaji Famurewa: Dilemma Of a Nigerian woman and her children! … How She Was haunted by in-laws for refusal to Submit to outdated beliefs … Her innocent mother killed in vengeance

f the sordid and pathetic story of this woman could still be prevalent in this part of the world, then there is the urgent need for the international community to bring the issue to the fore, especially as it is still endemic in some communities and it’s greatly adversely affecting the future of innocent married women, who through no fault of their own have found themselves in this very precarious situation.
The ignominious rate at which young Nigerian women are being molested, haunted and treated by their wicked and sadistic in-laws is increasingly getting more alarming by the day, and very undesirable if not distasteful and very inhuman. The pathetic story of this helpless Nigerian woman simply named, Bolaji Alafiatayo Famurewa, comes to mind. The issue of this lady who is presently nowhere to be found needs to be seriously looked into, to avert future occurrences from selfish, backward and perverted in-laws, who could go any length to force their beliefs in the heart of their daughter-in-laws.
Bolaji became the target of her inlaws when she refused to yield to their ludicrous demands to submit herself and children to their ritualistic belief of circumcision . Her story is so gripping and fear-inducing that there may still be other women like her in the same traumatic dilemma and quagmire she has innocently found herself.
The height of the criminally minded in-laws was when went as far as killing Bolaji’s mother, during a man-hunt for her and her two children, all in a bid to get back at her. Though, they’ve been denying that they have nothing to do with the death, but those who saw them while perpetrating the evil averred the tale to the authority which they are investogating at present.
The unfortunate, helpless and seemingly hopeless woman, has been going through hell, for reasons not far-fetched from man’s inhumanity to man, via her now traumatized marriage who through no fault of her own, had found herself in this intractable situation, just by virtue of marriage, which is no offence in any way by all known norms.
A breather is really needed for her, which could by extension serve as a deterrent for others in the ilk of old-fashioned in-laws like Bolaji’s.

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