Nigeria To Be Given Preference By UK In New Visa Rule

UK is proposing to amend its border control system to give preference to citizens from 52 Commonwealth countries, including Nigeria. 
According to 45 members of the UK parliament, Commonwealth countries may get fast-tracked visas to the UK after Brexit, if the proposal sails through. 

According to UK Telegraph, the suggestion was made in a letter addressed to Amber Rudd, Home Secretary. The letter said Commonwealth stood with Britain when it faced “existential threats,” but that UK had left its allies in the cold as it “pivoted to Europe.” 
The letter read: “I am writing to urge you to extend the hand of friendship to our Commonwealth partners. In the previous century, Commonwealth countries stood with Britain as we faced existential threats from abroad but as we pivoted to Europe, increasingly, our Commonwealth allies were left in the cold. “The lack of consideration for Commonwealth citizens is at its starkest at our border. 
While EU citizens are collecting their luggage or exchanging greetings with loved ones, our Commonwealth friends wait tirelessly in the ‘All other passports’ queue.”

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