Nigeria Social Media Users Panic As Court jails teenager over Facebook posts

The Nigerian social media users  are panicking over the news that someone was actually sent to jail over a comment made on his Facebook wall.  Many who heard the news that a Malaysian teenager was sentenced to one year in jail recently over Facebook posts which insulted the royal family in a Southern state, fear that such could be implemented in the country too going by the cyber crime law that ex-President Jonathan passed shortly before leaving office.

Muhammad Shakri, 19, pleaded guilty to a 14 counts of insulting the Johor royal family on his Facebook page between March and April, before he was sentenced by Johor Bahru Sessions’s court.
The teenager was charged under the country’s multimedia law that forbids posting online content that annoys abuses, threatens, or harasses others, according the DPP, Azizah Mohamad.

The law carries a maximum penalty of up to one year imprisonment and/or a fine of up to 12,500 dollars.

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