Musiliu Obanikoro An Ex Drug Baron And Much More? Says APC

Saying Nigeria politics is dirty is like stating the obvious. With the way politicians are casting aspersion at one another these days, it is becoming clearer that 2015 might just be bloody as predicted in some quarters.

APC  has shown that it’s never ready to share power with the PDP or any other party in the state of excellence. Or how else can one sum up the advert the party place two days ago in some national dailies where the person of Ambassador Musiliu Obanikoro was taken to the cleaners. Though, the name of the Lagos PDP governorship aspirant was not mentioned, many people who saw the advert know that whom the advert was meant for
In the advert, APC stylishly referred to ‘Koro’ as the former junior minister of defense as an ex drug lord when it pointed out the lady that was arrested.

Below is the complete details of the advert
Wednesday 10:34am
LAGOS 2015: Do You Know Who I Am?
I am a rabbler rouser
I was a hustler in Chicago and Houston
I alone could boast of about 30 different social security numbers while it was legal to have just one
I was so fast and smooth, evading the long arm of the law by hiding in over 135 residential addresses across the USA
I forge different birth certificates as it suits me
My late father, a tall man with striking tribal marks, was a traditional drummer from Idiape in Ibadan before he took refuge as a palace entertainer in Lagos.
My beloved mother is a proud indigene of Abeokuta
I call myself a Retail politician though I can’t even spell the word. But I like the sound!
I will prostrate to a four year old and I will lie, cheat, fabricate any story for survival
I put flame to a Hall. There were too many skeletons there
My former mentor gave me money for the Welfare of Hajj Pilgrims but I cornered it to building my house
I jump from one party to another, desperate for position
The mother of my Man Friday was locked up in a Chicago Prison for drug trafficking. Thank God she never mentioned my name
I promised that foolish Baba that I would marry his daughter for the Big Ticket
I am loud, obscene, outlandish, restless, vacuous, and very boasful
I love power and I am very greedy and I believe I can decieve everyone
Last time around, I was able to make billions from fund raising for my failed campaign and I quickly salted the money in Dubai and South Africa
My name, of course is a fraud. It is just another Bobo Chicago. It is a BITTER as the seed of discord
Deep down, I know I am not electable because of the legions of my Albatross. But what does it matter?
I am back!
I want to be Governor of Lagos State
Eko Oni Baje Ju Bayi Lo o!
Lagos Integrity watch

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