Before the emergence of Bukola Saraki as a key factor in Kwara state politics, the father was known to be a Field Marshall in the piloting of the political affairs of the state of harmony that he needed only to wish for it to become law. But during the 2011 general elections, the political kingpin was reduced to nothing by no one else but his son Bukola. The elder Saraki pitched his tent with Gbemi

the first daughter and Bukola worked against the father that he made sure he was demystified. Dr. Saraki felt so humiliated that many believe it was what hastened his departure from planet earth.

At the height of the lost battle, the elder Saraki was quoted to have placed a curse on the son that he’ll also be disgraced out of politics just like he did to him. Then, Saraki was said to have parroted that “Bukola …….I brought you to politics but you disgraced me publicly !!! So shall you be disgraced out of politics unceremoniously”  Now people are saying the curse is about becoming a reality with the son’s case at the CCT. Should he be found guilty, it means he’ll not be only kicked out of office, he also risk going to spend some time in prison. Will this come to pass? Only time will tell.

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