Lagos CP Kayode Aderanti Must Hear This… For Daring To Take Picture Of Policeman Taking Bribe Lady Arrested…Ferried To Court

This is happening now at a court in Ikotun area of Lagos. A certain young lady Ifeoma Nwachukwu who works with Mantrac Oregun Lagos is standing in the box waiting to hear the verdict of the judge.
Her crime we gathered is that she dared to capture an ugly event where a ceratin police officer Chukwu Ngigu, attached to Ikotun police station was seen taking bribe from a motoriist.
The policeman who knew the implication should the picture escape to the internet quickly pounced on the lady and  seized her phone . As if that wasn’t enough, the policeman arrested the lady for whatever offense and took her forcefully to their station. It was from this point she was whisked to the court.

we don’t know what other offense  the police will hang on her but we are sure that the able commissioner of police in Lagos Kayode Aderanti will step into this

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