Judge adjourns court sitting due to ‘no electricity, diesel for generator’

Scores of litigants, including lawyers and witnesses, on Wednesday left the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in Nyanya, Abuja, disappointed after the judge, Peter Kekemeke, cancelled the day’s sitting due to a power outage.

There were, at least, 11 cases in the cause list slated for fresh hearing, the continuation of hearing, or a final ruling.

As early as 8.30 a.m., legal counsels and their witnesses had trooped into the courtroom located in the outskirts of the FCT ready for the day’s business.

But the courtroom was in darkness even as they settled down to await the arrival of the judge.

By 9 a.m. when the court was supposed to commence sitting officially, there was no sign of Justice Kekemeke making his entrance to the courtroom.

Despite his arrival in the premises much earlier,  he remained in his office.

A few minutes after 9 O’clock, Justice Kekemeke came in to make an announcement.

“Gentlemen, it appears we will not be able to sit today. I am informed by my staff that there is no electricity because there is an issue with the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC).

“Besides, there is no diesel to run the generator. It is obvious we have to take a date and come back when electricity supply has been resolved,” Justice Kekemeke said.

He did not say for how long it would take for the problem to be resolved for normal court sittings to resume.

However, after a brief consultation with the lawyers and court staff, sitting in the case attended by the reporter was adjourned to February 26, 2020.


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