Incredible! Lagos Traditional Ruler Batters Wife Silly Over Phone Call

Despite the huge campaign against domestic violence and most especially spousal abuse, it seems the practice has been rooted in our society that it’s unwilling to be uprooted.
Almost on a daily basis, there are several campaigns against husband mauling wives and vice versa, but it seems those who should know are closing their eyes to the good news. Or how else can someone describe the barbaric way in which a traditional ruler Baale Abeeb Lawal, who controls a suburb part of the state of excellence called ikolalumo in Meiran/ Ajasa command area Lagos state battered his wife to coma on new year day. 
Olori Abosede

In the process of wrecking wickedness on the wife, the Baale stabbed the wife and when the blood flow could not be stopped she slumped into coma.

The Husband’s official car

The ugly incidence attracted neighbors and passersby who were astonished with the barbaric act of a supposed leader.
Chaos was averted when the ruled decided to teach the erring ruler a bitter lesson because of his action on that first day of the year.
Surprisingly, the crime of the wife that won her the beating of her life was that she was speaking loudly on the phone.
According to inside source account, the wife of the Baale, Olori Abosede  Lawal was having a conversation on the phone and the supposed loving husband signaled to her to stop.
The wife who thought her husband only requested she should lower her voice continued her conversation with a softer tone. This we learnt angered the Baale who felt his law was trampled on. he then resorted to throwing a heavy chair at her to teach her the needed lesson. Before anyone knew what was happening, he descended heavily on the light complexioned woman and inflicted bodily injuries on her. As if that was not enough, the shameless Baale who is expecting to be elevated to a titled Oba soon broke a bottle and stabbed the loving wife on the back  
The flow of the blood did not not stop the Baaale that he kept on boasting that  he won’t stop until life was snuffed out of the wife. It was at this point people came to rescue the almost lifeless wife and rushed her to the hospital

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