Imam Gafar Raji spits fire on Homosexuality …Puts Son’s Life In Danger As He Identifies Him As  Homosexual

The annual weekend lectures which normally herald the Hajj exercise in all the 20 Local Government Secretariatsacross Lagos State have since commenced. This year’s edition commenced on Saturday, 13th July, 2019, (Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 10, 1440.)The Chief Imam Gafar Raji of Amuwo Community Central Mosque,speaking on issues challenging the pilgrimage, gave substantial lectures to the Muslims getting ready to perform the 2019 Hajj. According to him, the main goal and objective of the pilgrimage should be properly inculcated and communicated to the pilgrims in order to ensure a hitch-free Hajj exercise. Imam Gafar Raji also advised the designated coordinators to be courteous and receptive towards the intending pilgrims, in carrying out their duties, as well as avoid conflicts of interests amongst them. He stated further that Islamic scholars will be assigned to each local government to educate the pilgrims on the spiritual aspect of the Hajj exercise, while the coordinators are to enlighten the intending pilgrims on the specifics of Hajj, in terms of behaviour and manners expected of them. He also educated the pilgrims on behaviours and acts during and after the Hajj journey to Saudi Arabia. In essence, the Imam, while condemning bad behavioral acts such as adultery, stealing and sly talks during and after the Hajj, also advised the intending pilgrims and every Muslim alike, that Hajj is not for fashion or showing up; it is one of what Almighty Allah tells us to mandatorily do as being one of the fundamental five (5) pillars of Islam. He later itemized those who can partake in the Holy Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, and dwelled extensively on the bane of homosexuality in Islam.

On the issue The Muslim community as a whole, worldwide, has become polarized on the subject of homosexuality. Muslims generally say that “no good Muslim can be gay,” and the “traditional schools of Islamic law unanimously consider homosexuality as a grave sin.’’

The Quran narrates the story of the “people of Lot,” that were destroyed by the wrath of God, because they engaged in lustful carnal acts between men. Homosexual acts are forbidden in traditional Islamic jurisprudence and are liable to different punishments, including death penalty, depending on the situation and the legal school of thought involved. In conclusion to Chief Imam Abdul Gafar Raji’s exposition on homosexuality, he implored the public to go the full hog against the incidence of homosexuality in the community and even vowed to fight the committers of the Satanic and condemnable act till he goes back to his Almighty Allah in Al Janat.

But, interestingly, and quite in sharp contrast with what he was preaching vehemently against, Imam Abdul Gafar Raji, in the full presence of the public glare, made mention of his first son, Muhammed Raji, as being much in this act of homosexuality in far away United States of America, USA, where he, (Muhammed,) has been residing for years now. Without any iota of self adulation, the Chief Imam made it known to the discerning public that as an Imam, a foremost, prominent and revered one among Islamic clerics and scholars for that matter, it’s a big shame and a big embarrassment to his family as a whole, for his son to be enmeshed in such dastardly and bestial act of homosexuality; a declaration that made all other Imams in attendance and the audience to go into a very deep emotional mood. But the Chief Imam was not done, he unilaterally and flagrantly vowed and promised with the name of Allah that he has henceforth disowned his son, Muhammed Raji,and nothing should be associated between him and his son any longer. He then implored the general public to help in looking out for his son and that anywhere they find him in Nigeria, they should, as a matter of urgency report him to the police, the appropriate security agency, or better still, if need be, give him the appropriate ultimate judgment, which is death.

In the wake of this open declaration and condemnation by his father, a sober and repentant Muhammed Raji, has been going from pillar to post to seek asylum in any country outside Nigeria, in order to avoid a possible apprehension by the police or a near fatal mob action that could lead to his being lynched and killed in the process.

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