I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! Doctor Inserts His Penis In Woman’s Mouth During Birth By C-S

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, a Brazilian doctor has been arrested after he was secretly filmed putting his penis in a pregnant woman’s mouth during C-section.

According to the UK Sun, the anaesthetist had heavily sedated the unconscious woman at the Hospital da Mulcher in São João de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro.

The anaesthetist, in a now viral video, was seen undoing his fly and assaulting the woman as other doctors performed the C-section on her less than a metre away behind a surgical curtain.

The other doctors were said to be worried about the number of drugs he administered to the woman, so they fitted a secret camera.

The police and other state authorities said they’re investigating whether the anaesthetist has other victims.

Bezerra reportedly completed his medical training in anaesthesia two months before the incident.

Speaking on the development, the health foundation of the state of Rio de Janeiro and the secretary of state for health said: “We inform you that an internal investigation will be opened to take administrative measures.

“The Hospital da Mulher team is providing full support to the victim and her family. This behaviour constitutes a crime, which must be punished in accordance with the legislation in force.”

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