How Stephen Doubra’s Life Was Allegedly Cut Short By Mr. King James Olu

Stephen was a promising young man who had big dreams and a bright future, the 26-year-old Ijaw football player’s dream was cut short during an unfortunate incident that happened days ago.

According to our source

“Stephen before meeting his death at the hands of Mr king James Olu, AKA Mr. James, the controversial chairman (landlord association) of victory estate, IBA, Ojo LGA, Lagos state at the early hours of Saturday 18th of April 2020, he was due to Travel to Portugal in February to pursue a career in football but was held back by the Pandemic.

Prior to the day, Steven was brutally murdered by a gunshot wound to the heart, Mr. James on 3 occasions was said to have threatened to kill him, his exact words were “I will kill you and bury you and no one would do anything “. The first occasion was in Dec. 2019, Steven and his family during the cause of celebrating had their music too loud, this man who wasn’t even their neighbour went over to their house and turned off their generator…this This led to a slight argument between him and Steven’s siblings.

The second was at a scene when Mr. James accused 2 members of the estate of theft, tied them up and was hitting them with machetes. Residents at the estate came out to attest to the identity of the boys and also their innocence, among the crowd was Steven also who said, ‘ I know these men, let them go, they aren’t thieves’.

Mr. James out of shame and anger made the life-threatening comment to Steven and everyone thought it was bluff. The 3rd was after a confrontation from the youths in the estate to disburse the 30 bags of rice and other relief items from the LG to the residents of the estate which Mr. James held back to himself.

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At about 3:30 am on Saturday morning, Steven after participating in the Vigilante activity, decided to walk home 2 of his other cousins who worked with him as a team during the guard activity, on his way back, Mr.

James, who had seen him pass with his cousins laid an ambush at him with 2 other vigilante partners who worked with him (Mr. James) Steven’s other cousin who witnessed most of the altercation before fleeing the scene said, “he saw us on our way back and said, ehen una two…abi I don tell una to say na I go kill una for this street ” Steven paying him no mind asked they kept going before Mr. James screamed to the other two vigilantes ‘hold them, hold them’ as they tried to grab Steven’s cousin, the guy punched grabber on the jaw and fled the scene leaving Steven who kept asking ‘Wetin I do Nah, na that stuff you still dey put for mind?’ alone.

Mr. James who obviously had the intention of accusing Steven of something kept attacking him with the bike helmet he held in his hand…Steven was in awe as he was very familiar with the two other vigilante guys (who are currently on the run) and never Imagined that they would do a thing as such to him. While he kept shouting ‘wetin be that? Ah ah, why? When I do?’

The helmet broke through his head and he began to bleed…before eventually Steven was shot directly beneath his left breast, direct to Steven’s heart…Steven struggled to get home, just in front of his house before he gave up the ghost, a cousin of his after seeing him, rushed into the house to get help, before they got out, Mr. James arrived at his place with a bike, put Steven on it and rode off….it was almost dawn by now and people saw him ride off with Steven….after plenty trial, he eventually picked up his phone and assured everyone that Steven was alive and was responding to treatment at the General hospital, Alimosho.

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This gave hope back to the Family who all thought their brother was dead… when asked why he did it, he claimed that he mistook Steven for 1million boys.
Steven’s family were shocked to arrive at the hospital to be told that Steven wasn’t being admitted there…at this point, the youths, in anger, stormed the man’s house, broke into it, and with no sight of any of his family members, began to destroy his properties

This was when the police showed up and dispersed everyone…all efforts to reach M.r James was proved abortive till in the evening when the Area commander showed up and assured everyone that they had found Mr. James and that Steven was alive, his words were ‘I personally took Steven to the hospital, he is alive and responding to treatment, but if he doesn’t make it, we don’t want any form of riot or violence’.

Again another assurance and means of hope to the family and friend who were so sure that Steven was dead even before being taken to the hospital. The policemen took down the details of what was left of Steven’s family and threatened that if they heard any form of violence, they would pick up Steven’s family. This really calmed the youth down as they resorted to praying for Steven rather than violence.

The police also said that the family won’t see Steven until on Monday…. it was a cold weekend of prayer as everyone including the family took the best chance they had, which was that Steven was alive..unknown to them that the police lied.

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On Monday morning, the family left to the station and were taken to panty to see the man ‘locked up’ they left in anticipation to see their brother in the hospital but were taken to the morgue instead…….

Words on the street are that this chairman has confronted, harassed and threatened many youths in the area, always accusing them of being cultists and bad boys….and in his statement at the station, he claimed that steven was cultists who were gunned down while trying to flee, his body showed no trace of gunshots or bruises to his back as someone who was attempting to escape but a clear shot as you can see to the heart…this is a clear case of murder.

James is a murderer who has cut short the life of a brother, friend, uncle, cousin, the life of a loved one and must be punished severely for his malicious and heartless act.”


Late Stephen
Mr. James, the alleged murderer

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