How Pastor Oritsejefor Duped Lagos Church Members NMillions … Tears His Underwear, Asks Congregation To Buy It In Pieces

 The cliché ‘touch not, my anointed’ that used to be very popular in Nigeria before now seems to be heading towards extinction with the way people now speak out whenever pastors go wrong. The birth of the social media in our dear land has also served as the needed catalyst that has propelled opinions toward pointing out the wrong doings of these spiritual leaders who make huge finances from the act of marketing Jesus.

 The sad reality of it is that pastors never fail in springing up new controversy with their dealings. Each time they do, people are not afraid of the cliché in telling them the home truth.
The latest culprit is the president of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Pastor Ayo oritsejafor. Though many will be quick to admit that the flamboyant pastor is not a stranger to controversies especially with the issue of the arms deal scandal where his private jet was arrested by the South African authorities for carrying undeclared huge sum of money. Also, the allegation of receiving N7B on behalf of CAN from President Jonathan is still reverberating in the whole land with accusation and counter accusation reigning supreme. 
The action of Pastor Oritsejafor at a church based in a suburb of Lagos Ikotun recently, got many disciples of the church awed in pure undiluted wonder. They couldn’t understand why the respected pastor who is also believed to be very wealthy would fashion out another weird way to make money from the church that has peasants as majority of its members.
The pastor was invited as a special guest to the Kingdom Light Ministries (KLM) Church by the head pastor Samson Makinwa. As soon as he completed his sermon he went into the changing room and brought out his white inner shirt. He then ordered one of the ushers to cut it in to bits with scissors.
 Some of the members of the church who had waited patiently for what he wanted to do with the pieces of clothes, got the shock of their lives when he said he needed ten people to buy each pieces for Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000).
His bait caught the vulnerable ones amongst them that they quickly provided the sum.  The pastor after selling for the first set, later reduced the price downwards until it got to Two Thousand Naira (N2,000) before it was exhausted. 

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