How Cancer Killed  90s billionaire Chief Christopher Nwankwo ( Omo West )

After battling what was revealed to be a terminal illness for so long, Christopher Nwankwo who was popularly known as Omo West, finally succumbed to the more powerful hand of death.

The socialite who was part of those who ruled the social firmament in the country especially Lagos his base in the early 90s and beyond, died at a Lagos hospital where he was rushed to when his body couldn’t withhold the ravaging killer cells that took over the functions of his being.

Those who know realibly informed us that he has been battling cancer of the lungs for some time that he spent so much money on both orthodox and unorthodox ways in findinding solution.

At a time he felt he had hope of surviving when he was taken to the UK for evaluation and treatment. But, his hope was dashed that he came back a dejected man. It was at the hospital that he was given few months to live.

He came back to his hotel which is on a street off the popular Opebi road in Ikeja and resigned to fate waiting patiently for the final day.

Before he died, we were told that he shared his  many property with the family members and made sure he made peace with everyone he had issues with.

Those who saw him at the tail end of his life informed us that the sickness ate deep into him that he became a shadow of himself. Not only that, he did not even step out of that hotel until the day he fell terribly sick and he was rushed to the hospital where he died.

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