How Adunni Bankole’s Siblings Scuttled Husband Alani Bankole’s Plan To Bury Her In Abeokuta Home …As Husband Closes Grave

The burial of society matriarch, Iyalode Adunni Bankole has come and gone but the echoes of her life after death will linger for many years in the hearts of those who have had something to do with her in her lifetime. This is not only because the woman of immense influence did everything to please those around her, but because, she shone so vibrantly that whatever she did or said became subject of discussion in many quarters. That is why many were taken aback when it was discovered that her final resting place would not be the Abeokuta home of the husband as earlier planned. Even, till the last day before the burial, many had left the Anchor Event Center venue of the Wake Keep Service with the belief that the destination for the burial would be Abeokuta. But the story changed on the committal day and the new venue of Ebony Cemetery was raised.

Those who should know informed that it was the siblings of Iyalode that stood their ground that their loving sister will not rest in the house of the Bankoles since she had voluntarily moved out.  In a way not to disrespect her wish, they deliberated came to the conclusion that she wouldn’t have wanted her final dwelling place to be her estranged husband’s house.
Meanwhile, when the alienated husband, Chief Alani Bankole realized that his wish of burying his wife will not be respected, he quickly ordered his aides to close the grave he had dug in his compound awaiting the arrival of the remains of Iyalode.

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