GOV. Sulivan Chime’s Estranged Wife Begs Publicly ..Wants To Re-Unite With Hubby

Clara, the estranged wife of the governor of Enugu State Sulivan Chime has tendered an unreserved apology to her husband over the scandalous way she left the government house last year.  The first lady of the state is said to have regretted her action that brought shame and embarrassment to the husband who did everything to make her stay.
The apology that came in form of an advertorial in the some selected newspaper portrayed Clara as a sober woman who has learnt her lessons.

For those who do not know, Clara had claimed last year that the governor held her hostage in the government house against her wish. Her secret letter to the public then triggered huge controversy that radiated beyond the shores of the land. Many people who got wind of the development almost asked for the head of the governor whom they labeled an animal for treating his wife in such a horrific manner.
This made the highly mortified governor to drop a bombshell that the wife was suffering from mental illness; hence the reason to isolate her.
After seven months of moving out of the government house, the estranged wife is willing to go back there with a promise to be a better person.
Below is the way she captured the letter
To Sullivan Chime
At the beginning when all these started you were close to forgiving me while trying hard to protect me; the look in your eyes then when you finally realized what I had done. You didn’t need to say anything anyway, because I saw it all in your eyes- betrayal, disillusionment, revulsion. In that moment, my- ill-health was a challenge.
But now that I understand the gravity of what I’ve done, my actions have filled me with self- loathing and remorse. It’s difficult for me to look in the mirror, and I’m not proud of the woman I see there when I do so.
I have no excuse for what has happened and saying “I’m sorry” hardly seems to be adequate. Please find it in your heart to show me mercy and forgive me. I have
changed so much in the last seven (7) months, after realizing our relationship is worth saving.
I usually say I can’t wait to turn 30 because then maybe I· will feel grown up. Well, I still like the thought of 30’s for some reason but not because I want to feel grown up, because my thinking has grown so much. Obviously I
will continue learning and growing as I get older, but this has sent me into a major reality check.
I can tell you for a fact that this would never happen in my life ever again. It’s the dumbest thing
anyone could ever do, when they I think they are not happy. Because the hurt of breaking your spouse’s
heart and your own is so much more unhappy, leaving things in God’s hands is always the best.
There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you a hundred times per day remembering your dignified personality which my actions nearly messed up. And I
am so sorry for hurting you. So, all I can do is pour my heart out to you with apologies.
In my heart I will be your wife forever.

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