GOV. AMBODE’S MILK OF KINDNESS …Dashes Cancer Afflicted Female LAStMA Officer N5Millon

With his giant strides in the city of excellence especially in the areas of security and infrastructural development, there is no doubt that Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode means well for people of the state of aquatic splendor. Aside his determination to make positive impact in Lagos, those who know the cerebral leader claim that he has milk of kindness flowing in his veins that those who come into contact with him  always have reasons to smile. This good part of him sprouted recently when he decided to extend his hand of help to a female member of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency.

The lady who works directly with Zone 20 of the agency that has its office around PWD  area of Lagos, had been plagued  with the life threatening illness for some time, but when the governor heard about her plight, he quickly stepped in and secretly  made a donation of five million naira for her hospital bills. Aside giving that much, he also ordered she should be treated at the state owned hospital LASUTH where the lady is struggling with her life at the moment.
Meanwhile, it is also known that Ambode has always directed his thoughts   towards advancing the fight against cancer; a reason, the first lady of the state has taken it upon herself to create more awareness on the killer disease.

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