From Street Hawking To Media Giant ..The Amazing Struggles Of Core Media Boss Jide Adediran

There is no coincidence in life; most successes are achieved through vision and strong will to emerge victorious in whatever we do. In existence, challenges have been identified as pathway to progress to some while some others allow challenges overwhelm them to the point of wanting to resign to fate.
For Olajide Adediran, the challenge of being born without a silver spoon dangling in his mouth did not debar him from setting a clear vision for himself to get atop the ladder of success that always seems insurmountable for many with his predicament.

jide giving a speech

The beginning was very rough for young Adediran, the mother being a petty trader had difficulties in fending for the whole family. She had no choice than to take in little Jide to help in making ends meet. Jide was soon enrolled into the street trading business which is widely known as hawking. Though, many people will think this is not unusual for most kids, but Jide’s case was different. He not only hawked as a young lad, he did that till he finished his secondary school.
Today, success has become his friend, but then many friends and colleagues laughed at him because he hawked till he sat for his West African School Certificate Examination. He sold mat and coconut. Jide, then, helped the mother who specialized in the making of mats to survive and coconut was one fruit that the mother dealt in as at that time.
Even when he finished he secondary education, the no-nonsense mother took him straight to a furniture maker workshop where he was forced to learn the art of making furniture. To the mum then, it was a way to take him away from the hawks who were readily available to poison his young mind and also a way to stop him from playing football and table tennis about which could make him mingle with the wrong crowd.
Jide  would have probably excelled in the furniture business, should he have stayed longer and taken it for a lifetime job. This is because; he has always promised himself that to break the jinx of poverty, he must be very diligent in whatever he does.  But his admission in the school of higher learning took away hawking and furniture making from him. Young Jide soon found himself in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State where his school was located
And just as fate would have it that he was destined to be a leader, Jide Adediran vied for the political office and found himself at the helms of affairs of the Students’ Union. He was elected the president. As good as that sounds, the school then was notorious for cultists’ activities and he found himself caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.  But he was able to sail through before bowing out of the school.
Jide later proceeded to the popular  Lagos Television  channel 8 for the mandatory National Youth Service Corps. At the station, Jide started off as an entertainment correspondent, where he worked with bright minds. The leadership quality in him once again reared its head when he became the  assistant president, Entertainment Writers Association of Nigeria, before he was transferred to the politics desk. That saw him being transferred to the State House, where he became the State House correspondent for the Television station. This, he did for about a decade before the idea of being on his own surfaced.
The astonishing part of his story is that he had no money when he decided to float what has become a big brand today. Jide had only N200,000 which was his whole life savings, but because he was determined to make it grow to the level he had foreseen many years ago. Jide then applied operation cut down on flamboyant lifestyle, if there was any then. He ensured that every little kobo that came in from the baby company is directed back into the business and that is one aspect that worked for the company. Whatever he got in terms of profit was channeled back into the business. Jide, did not start very big when the money started rolling in, he first rented few square meters space before moving into a three-bedroom apartment and after which he moved into the company’s building in just in two years.
Today, Core Media Services provides in-depth media services to clients with two editing suites and studios. It also boasts of studios where top range adverts are put together. It also provides sound services and lightening among other things that are needed to make an event a world class one.  It is the company that is responsible for all the Lagos State pay your tax adverts, the Under 17 World Cup held in Nigeria (Lagos State Outreach) and other big adverts, so also is the LG electronic, Haeir Thermocool among other things which are media inclined. 
At the moment, Core Media Service Limited has unveiled a digital TV station christened Core TV News, established to provide 24-hour news network services. 

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