Former Head Of State Abdusalam Sets Records Straight Says “I didnt have stoke but knee injury”

Abdulsalami Abubakar, former head of state, says he is recovering well from knee problems which led to his cancelling activities to mark his 80th birthday.

He made this known in a phone conversation on Monday evening following widespread reports that he had suffered a stroke, the retired general said he only had issues with his knee which affected his mobility.

“I had a swollen knee and was unable to walk for days in the last week of May,” he said.

“After initial care by my doctors, they advised that I should seek further expert care abroad. That was why I had to cancel my birthday programme.

I was on admission for a brief period but I have now been discharged while doctors do a regular follow-up. I am much better. It was not an emergency and I was not rushed to any hospital.

“I appreciate the support, love and care that Nigerians have been showing since the story went on social media. I am grateful to all my friends and well-wishers.”

Abdulsalami handed over to a democratically elected government in May 1999 and is seen as one of the heroes of Nigerian democracy.

He has also been involved in a number of peace moves to prevent violence around elections and promote the spirit of sportsmanship.

He did not put a possible date on his return to the country.






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