It was with great shock that many people received the awful news of the death of ex- Access Bank Corporate Affairs Manager Austin Edoja Peters who  surrendered to the more powerful  force of death.
The ever cheerful lad was said to have died after an unsuccessful battle with Ulcer.
Ever since Austin died at an Abuja hospital, tributes have been trooping in because of the way he related with people while alive.

One of his closest friends Segun Fafore who also worked with him at Access Bank wrote a touching tribute to Austin on facebook ; it is  reproduced below  
Augustine Onaiwu Edoja-Peters … just that certainty of ‘the undesirable’ is divine
“Austin, announcement of your death was the very last thing I expected to hear about you. This came to me as a rude shock! I never imagined that you would quit this battlefield called Life just about this time.
But Austin, you really prepared for this battle?
You struggled to surpass yourself even when your background posed enough barrier to the extent you could go. With sheer courage and naked determination, you suppressed those impediments to create a beautiful path for yourself, and redirected the destiny of those who are related to you.
Through dedication, hard work and focus, you gradually began to lead your siblings to accomplishments and became for them, the harbinger of hope every family would desire. Fair of failure created in you an irritating level of intolerance which can only be untangled by those who are familiar with your story and aspirations.
I stand, watching you lead the path, in glowing energy, bearing a flame of hope that would eventually succumb to the cyclone of life. For your refreshing perspectives and unusual empathy, friends and associates will miss you.
Reflectively, the UNTIMELINESS of your death signals the certainty of settlement of human’s liability to nature. This ‘undesirable’ obligation would be fulfilled by everyone man, woman …and everyone eventually.
Sadly, this reality is inevitable because it is DIVINE.
Otherwise, Austin with the richness of life in him would not have succumbed.
Austin was that guy next door who shared our drinks and cracked jokes with everyone last night. Imagine him on the same pew with you with a copy of newspaper in his hands, heartily discussing Nigerian politics in his typical manner.
Yes, he was that close.
Isn’t that true, Titilope Olubiyi? Dayo Ogunwomoju? Aiki Odiawa? Adeboye Oyegunle? Adebola Adeyinka? Toyin Henry-Ajayi? Abidemi Omoladun? Seun Adesida? Bolanle Victor-Laniyan? Buwa Sagay? Silas Obot? Ajibade Adewale? Busola Osilaja? Femi Adeleke? Ezekiel Jonah? Temitope Oshunkeye? Cima Sholotan? Chukwuemeka Ezeh? Iyke?
Austin, I know you loved your twins very dearly, and deeply too. Oghenekaro and Oghenekome were enough reasons for you to live. Your love for your youthful wife, Awele and the value you placed on your ties with your siblings and other family members could have deafened your ears to the great call
We love you really dearly and pray that your kind soul will find peace in the Lord. Our supplications to Him who has decided that your journey ends here is that He should show abundant mercy and kindness on your household and family by raising for them a greater beacon of hope who will assuage the pain of your exit.
Augustine Onaiwu Edoja-Peters, goodnight”

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