When Khalil Gibran, the Lebanese artist, poet and writer said in one of his numerous quotes that “The real test of good manners is to be able to put up with bad manners pleasantly.” It is thinkable that many people especially those who deal with the public should make this their guiding principle.

Surprisingly, many people do not know how to handle a third party’s bad manner which at the end of the day will put a question to one’s uprightness.
Or how else could one possibly describe the show of shame that a banker subjected himself and the image of his bank to when he threw caution to the air by fighting inside the banking hall when active banking was still at its peak.
The banker who goes by the name James Oriola, we gathered authoritatively fought a male customer right in the banking hall.
 According to our dependable source, the banker who heads the Broad Street, Lagos branch of the bank, we heard witnessed a scenario whereby the man he fought harassed and battered a female customer, after a heated argument.
Instead of being a good pacifier, the banker took laws to his hand and landed a hot slap on the man’s face to teach him a lesson not to touch a woman. The man, who we learnt seems to have signed a contract with the devil that day, replied the slap with another to the manager’s fine cheek.
This, we learnt further got the banker angry and he wanted to tell the young man that he has what it takes to take on Floyd Mayweather in a pugilist bout. He did! He landed more than two more slaps on the face of the customer who was also putting up a spirited effort not to be the battered. But those around him prevented the already ugly scene from degenerating further.
Our very surprised source informed us that, many workers as well as customers will still be astonished over what transpired between the bank manager and the customer because they could swear to high heavens that he is of good character and rarely talks except when it concerns his job.
“He is a wonderful man who knows his job well and rarely gets into any wrong doing throughout his years in banking. I really don’t know what happened to him that day”, a source informed us.
Meanwhile, effort to reach the bank’s public image department proved abortive as his call went unanswered when this reporter sought his response on the issue.

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