Crisis Hits Pastor Ireti Ajanaku’s Burial …Family Rubbish July 17 Date, Accuse Wife Of Killing Him

The word controversy seems to have become a permanent fixture in the late Pastor Ajanaku family that no single week passes without one form of controversy wrapped around the name.

When he was alive, so many dirty tales trailed him, especially his crisis with hitherto strong devotee, sensational singer, Tope Alabi.

But he was able to weather the storm of the hullabaloos that he came out stronger from them.

 His sudden death, however, was believed to end every controversy around the spiritual head of Revival Victory Chapel International (CRVCI), but this was not to be as his death sprang up other controversies too.

 The circumstance in which the light-skinned Pastor died was also enveloped in controversy that so many of his church members did not know how and where he died, not to talk of outsiders who were not close to him. There was also the allegation leveled against him that he belonged to different secret cults which was supported with the appearance of ORO cult group at his church after his death. That is not all, while people were trying to come to terms with what exactly killed him, the question of who would bury him between his wife, Joy and his family became another source of fracas.

Before now, many people had thought the late General Overseer would have been laid to rest, but the widow in her wisdom felt the husband was still alive despite the confirmation by doctors that life has left him.

This went on for almost a year before she now decided to bury the husband.

The announcement of the burial, however, did not go well with the kin especially the siblings of the late pastor because to them it is totally wrong for the wife to bury him without consulting the family members.

The pastor’s siblings are furious that how could the wife claim ownership of his living and death when he still has family members who could contribute their own in burying their son and brother. exclusively gathered that the first son of Ajanaku was kept in the dark as to when his father would be buried.

According to the family members, the wife must have been the one that killed the pastor because she was invited by the family members but she refused to meet with them before solely taking the decision to bury Pastor Ajanaku.

The family queried if the wife has danced to the demand of the cult group that visited the house when Pastor Ajanaku died; or how else could the cultists give their consent now when they vehemently objected to his burial in the first place, they reasoned.

To the family members, it means she had done their (cultists) bidding now that she has picked the 17th July date.

Speaking on the significance of the date, they questioned the rationale behind the 17thdate because they believe the wife manipulated Ajanaku’s birth date which is 13thSeptember and not the 17th of July as claimed by the wife.

The date is fast approaching and we are so sure that the story has not ended because the family members are threatening thunder and brimstone. With all these, the burial may end up being Charly Boy’s Show where anything can happen.

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