Corp Members Flee Niger State For Fear Of Electoral Violence

As the next month general election draws nearer, corp members serving in Niger State are at present on the run from their state of deployment over the belief that the elections may bring mayhem. Their fear is believed to be caused by the actions of the politicians in the state and most especially the mood of the nation with the echo of the drums of war sounding loud and clear to all.
Aside the fact that the battle royale between the two top contenders GEJ and GMB is feared to attract violence, the governorship election in the state is what frightful the most. This is because the two candidates jostling for the seat of the governor, Umaru Nasko of the PDP and  Sanni Bello of the APC are both from same local government “Kontagora”.

 One of the many reasons the corpers gave is that during the PDP rally in Kontagora recently, there were records of casualties due to clash with opposition party. The Corp members in the state are complaining that the hostility of the indigenes during campaign should be taken seriously; coupled with the fact that the federal government has not provided adequate security for them.

  Almost on a daily basis these days, the Minna park of Pagungun, NSTA Park Tunga and Peace Park are always crowded with people fleeing the town in the name of protecting their lives from possible violence that may erupt in the forthcoming election.

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