‘COLORADO’ Drug  Coroding Lives Of Nigeria Youth

It is a well known fact that from time immemorial, drug abuse has been known to be a big menace to the society; even advanced countries are not left out in the dangerous habit that has the capacity of wreaking havoc to the populace of any country.In Nigeria before now, Indian hemp usage was known to be the biggest deal in drug use, not until cocaine and heroin were introduced. Many people who were used to taking cannabis, simply graduated into taking cocaine and heroin which took its toll on the health, social and mental balance of most of the youths who got involved in the illicit drug use.Today, the drug story keeps changing as if the drug users are in a research match. The way our youths are embracing hard drugs has become a big worry to not only the government but people generally because of the adverse effect on people in the society generally. From Codine, to Tramadol to Refnol, many youths are searching for drugs just to get high.The latest one now is Colorado. This new drug has been found out to cause mental disorders, hallucinations, convulsions, and a ‘zombie-like’ state when a little of two or three ‘puffs’ are inhaled.Lately, videos of many users of Colorado have been surfacing online with many suffering hallucination, seizures and general state of mental disorder which is making the issue one of te most discussed topics in the social media world.Expert whom this reporter spoke with said, the drug is so potent that it could damage internal organs. He warned that it is death in slow motion and no one should go near it.How Colorado made it to Nigerian market is one question many are still finding answer to.Colorado is another form of marijuana but it’s said to be synthetic as other variants are added to it to spike it up.

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