Boyfriend Kills Silver Bird Television Girl?

The police in Ogudu GRA is trying to unravel the mystry surrounding the death of beautiful lady and one of the staff of  Ben Murray Bruce owned TV station. The lady Aisha Noble Mustapha was murdered on Saturday March 14th 2015 as she drove home from work. The sadder tale about her unfortunate death is the fact that she was  pregnant when her assailant snuffed life out of her.

It is believed that it was her boyfriend whom she was carrying a baby for that sliced her to her death. The reason for this which thwe police are working on is because of the belief that late Aisha was double dating.

Aisha  was driving home around 7:30-8 pm when the unknown assailant believed to be her boyfriend ambushed her close to her home in Ogudu GRA,Lagos ..She was reportedly stabbed 11 times and left in a pool of her own blood..

STV news reports that an unnamed suspect has been arrested in connection with her death, but there are whispers that the suspect is her boyfriend whom she has always had fights with over issues boarding on infidelity..

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